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Peace Begins with Me; A Yoga and Activism Course

Peace Begins with Me: A Yoga and Activism Course
with Margie Pacher

When: Wednesdays, Nov 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
Time: 3pm-5:30pm
Peace is an inside job and it begins with each one of us!

Yoga and activism go hand in hand. Why? As yogis we practice because we want to experience sustained wellbeing. Many of us have already experienced what science knows, that yoga boosts mood and overall wellbeing. When we extend ourselves to benefit others, an even greater affect emerges, we experience what psychologists call sustainable happiness. Sustainable happiness is the happiness that emerges from contributing to the wellbeing of other people, animals and the environment through our daily actions in the world. Furthermore, as we use our own passions, talents and skills to benefit others we develop more meaning in our lives.

Over five weeks we will practice yoga, boost our wellbeing, and explore some of the world’s most pressing issues with a group of like-minded yogis. This will be an open, conscious, and nonjudgmental circle to explore topics in a fun way, share ideas, and find more positive solutions for the issues that concern us most. Each session includes a 1-hour yoga class, yoga ethics, humane education activities, visualizations, and happiness homework.

Sessions may be taken alone or attend all sessions for discount.

Great for teens, parents, and yogis wishing to experience wellbeing from the inside out!

Week One:
1-hour Hatha Yoga Class
1.5-hour Peace Begins with Me: The Affect of Cultural Norms, Consumerism, and Advertising

Week Two:
1-hour Hatha Yoga Class
1.5-hour Making Peace with People: Women and Children

Week Three:
1-hour Hatha Yoga Class
1.5-hour Making Peace with Farmed Animals

Week Four:
1-hour Hatha Yoga Class
1.5-hour Making Peace with the Environment

Week Five:
1-hour Hatha Yoga Class
1.5-hour Spreading the Light of Peace into the World: YOU can Contribute to Community and Global Wellbeing

$25 per session
$90 for course ($18/session)
Sliding scale prices available. Contact Margie with questions at or PM on Facebook.

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