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New Class Begins Thursday****Body Rolling Workout***with Patty Seidensticker

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    Body Rolling will complement any other form of exercise and is beneficial to all who do it.  Body Rolling give you a workout, a massage and chiropractic session all in one. It relaxes and energizes the body, brings attention to core strength and balance, and provides weight bearing exercise to build bone health.  A great complement to your yoga practice.  This is an ongoing class.  Space is available for 10 participants...

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Double Gong Meditation w/ Dev Atma & Hukam

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     The universe is powered by sound.  The gong is the basic creative sound. Out of the gong comes all music, all sounds, all words.   It takes three to ninety seconds for the sound of the gong to overtake the mind!   The gong is traditionally used in the Kundalini Yoga tradition as a healing tool. The sound vibrations of the gong move through your body/mind clearing blocks, releasing tension and bringing harmony to your whole body.  When you join us for Gong Meditation you will make yourself  a comfortable spot on the floor.  Using a yoga mat, cushions, blankets and perhaps even an eye pillow to rest the body on during the next 45 minutes of relaxing, rhythmic gong vibrations.  Most likely you will enjoy one of the most deepest sleeps you have ever experienced.  When finished you will be…

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Pathways to Self Love; A Yoga Workshop with Julie Moore

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3840 South Osprey Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34239

Prana Yoga and Healing Center (Prana/PYHC) focuses on alignment based Yoga in the Hatha and Kundalini traditions.  Our emphasis is on education for the healing aspects of yoga not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We offer various classes and in depth teacher trainings in Asana (postures and kriyas) that include pranayama (breath awareness) meditation and mantra (chants/songs). PYHC is a powerful place to experience alternative well rounded approaches to health and well being in sound immersion, energy healing, mudra, mantra and aromatherapy. Our holistic approach includes classes in various levels and focuses are offered to appeal to the raw beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner.  We also create and cultivate community events with our monthly gong, sadhana, potlucks, kirtans, concerts and more.  

Prana's mission is to be a studio where all are welcome to come and be and to immerse your being in traditional teachings of yogic philosophy and Asanas. Everyday this dream becomes more alive in the students who bring this profound awareness to their health and lifestyle by allowing the benefits of their practice to be a personal healing experience on the mat.  It's a team effort with our amazing teachers and our incredible students and together we are part of a great ripple that is making a difference in our world.  

What's really inspiring are those who attend class knowing they have not allowed their ailments, age and fears to discourage their experience. In fact it is that "courage" that keeps us focused on bringing our Prana Yoga style to the community.  It compels us to expand our services to include concepts that support this vision creating alternative paths to healing.   

Class Costs
$ 15 Drop in Yoga
$ 52 Series of 4 Classes
$ 80 Private Lesson
$ 88 Series of 8 Classes
$ 100 Series of 10 Classes
$ 146 Monthly Unlimited
$ 695 Semi-Annual Unlimited Yoga Pass
$ 1300 Annual Unlimited Yoga Pass

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 The universe is powered by sound.  The gong is the basic creative sound. Out of the gong comes all music, all sounds, all words.   It takes three to ninety seconds for the sound of the gong to overtake the mind!   The gong is traditionally used in…
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Join Julie Moore for a heart-centered asana practice, exploring spinal movements, chest opening, and building core strength. Pathways include meditation, group discussion, journaling and breath awareness to form a bedrock for the daily practice of S…
Jun 12
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Jun 4
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Kirtan is to gather with the intention to chant mantra.  “What is a mantra? ”  Mantra is the use of sound to affect consciousness; man means mind and tra  means wave or projection.  Everything in this world, down to the subatomic level, is in consta…
May 29