Massage Therapy

Maria Das Gracas Vilas Boas | 941-780-0058
  • Advanced Rolfer, certified by the Rolf Institute, Boulder CO.
  • Rolfing Movement Specialist, certified by the Rolf Institute, Boulder CO.
  • Certified in Massotherapy, by IBRATE – Instituto Brasileiro de Terapias. – Brazil
  • Master’s in Human Resources Development from Extremadura University – Spain
  • Post-Graduate training in Counseling, Faculdade Uniao of Ponta Grossa – Brazil
  • B.S in International Busines from FESP- Fundacao de Estudos Sociais do Parana – Brazil
  • Specialized training in Corporal Psychology at Orgone Clinical Psychology Institute – Brazil
  • Presenter at the 2008 European Congress of Corporal Psychotherapy at the Paris  School of Medicine – authored the paper: “Breast Cancer and Behavior Patterns”
  • Lectured at the Southern Brazilian Conference of Corporal Psychotherapy in 2008
  • Participated in the First International Congress of Fascia Research, at the Harvard School of Medicine –  2007
  • Developed an abstract form of dancing:  “SELF-DANCE”
  • Author of a relationship book in Portuguese:  Para onde Vai o Amor que Nao Damos—E Com o Dinheiro, o Que Fazemos?  (Where does the Love We Deny Go? –And What Do We Do With the Money?)
  • Twenty-two years’ experience in Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.