Massage Therapy

Julie Ellen
Licensed Massage Therapist | 941-303-3320

Julie has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007, first in Iowa and Nebraska, and currently in the state of Florida (as well as New Hampshire and Maine). Prior to that time, she had a successful career in the banking industry and the real estate business. In 2005, Julie chose to leave the corporate world and enrolled in massage school, where she was introduced to yoga for the first time. She opened Yoga & Moore, The Center for Healing Arts to combine these two healing modalities that had become her life’s work.

Her calling to holistic healing is now in Sarasota, Florida. Teaching yoga and providing massage therapy at PRANA YOGA AND HEALING CENTER  or at your home/resort.

Julie had the privilege of training with John F. Barnes in the practice of Myofascial Release, which she integrates with the rhythm of Swedish massage, the specifics of Deep Tissue work, and the spiritual energy of Reiki creating her signature massage work: Somatic Healing Therapy.

Maria Das Gracas Vilas Boas | 941-780-0058
  • Advanced Rolfer, certified by the Rolf Institute, Boulder CO.
  • Rolfing Movement Specialist, certified by the Rolf Institute, Boulder CO.
  • Certified in Massotherapy, by IBRATE – Instituto Brasileiro de Terapias. – Brazil
  • Master’s in Human Resources Development from Extremadura University – Spain
  • Post-Graduate training in Counseling, Faculdade Uniao of Ponta Grossa – Brazil
  • B.S in International Busines from FESP- Fundacao de Estudos Sociais do Parana – Brazil
  • Specialized training in Corporal Psychology at Orgone Clinical Psychology Institute – Brazil
  • Presenter at the 2008 European Congress of Corporal Psychotherapy at the Paris  School of Medicine – authored the paper: “Breast Cancer and Behavior Patterns”
  • Lectured at the Southern Brazilian Conference of Corporal Psychotherapy in 2008
  • Participated in the First International Congress of Fascia Research, at the Harvard School of Medicine –  2007
  • Developed an abstract form of dancing:  “SELF-DANCE”
  • Author of a relationship book in Portuguese:  Para onde Vai o Amor que Nao Damos—E Com o Dinheiro, o Que Fazemos?  (Where does the Love We Deny Go? –And What Do We Do With the Money?)
  • Twenty-two years’ experience in Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.