Satsang with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya/ Disciple of Amma : Sunday May 12th begins at 10:30am – 1:30pm. Free event.

The Meaning of Satsang:
Wholesome and uplifting company. (1) Good company, especially on the spiritual path.
Join Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya for meditation, Bhajans and prayer for world peace. Br. Chaitanya monastic disciple of Amma, known as the kissing saint, he met her at the age of 3. He has written and composed devotional songs (Bhajans). One can feel Amma’s divine grace flow through his soulful singing.
Br. Chaitanya was at Prana some months ago and I agree with the divine grace flowed and was felt throughout the room. What a blessing to have them return on Sunday morning, mother’s day.
Join us for this special morning of prayer, chants and meditation.

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