Harmonizing Inner Frequencies: Exploring Sound and Mantra in Kundalini Yoga/ Saturday May 18th at 2:00pm

Join us, Sach Dharam & Regina, for an immersive journey into the transformative power of sound and mantra within the sacred tradition of Kundalini Yoga. In this workshop, participants will delve deep into the ancient wisdom of Naad, the primal sound current, and unlock the potent vibrations of mantra.
This workshop is open to all levels, from curious beginners to seasoned yogis, who seek to deepen their understanding of Kundalini Yoga and harness the power of sound and mantra in their practice. Whether you’re seeking inner peace, spiritual growth, or simply a deeper connection to yourself and the universe, this workshop offers a space for exploration and discovery.
Participants will gain a profound understanding of the role of sound and mantra, discovering how these ancient practices can harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Through experiential learning and practical exercises, participants will learn traditional mantras, explore deep listening, and cultivate a deeper awareness of the transformation through the power and sound of your own voice.
Join us on this sound journey as we explore the boundless possibilities of sound through mantra within the rich tapestry of yourself

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