The Hands-on Approach to Alignment-based Yoga Therapeutics 
with Steven Weiss, MS,DC,RYT.
Within the core principles of yoga are the elements that provide therapeutic assistance for many types of conditions of the body, mind, and spirit.  Integrative Alignment yoga therapy takes the principles of alignment used in asana practice and creates a unique system of healing that incorporates postural advice, asana assists, and hands on therapy, focusing primarily on the body's structural issues.  Learning to recognize correct posture, precision and alignment and how to guide the student or client in those directions are the essential skills every yoginwants to master.
Yoga and yoga therapy are excellent modalities that assist in the rehabilitation of injuries and  chronic painful conditions.  When properly applied, yoga therapy will complement other bodywork methods and structural therapies, such as massage, physical therapy and chiropractic. 
Yoga Therapy is appropriate for most students and clients.  It assists yoga students who experience discomfort or limitation whe attempting specific poses.  For students not in pain or injured, Integrative Alignment principles can be used to analyse postures and discover limitations that prevent their fuller expression in practice.  Integrative Alignment yoga therapy is also valuable for non-yogis who have cronic conditions that restrict their ablility to exercise or impact on their quality of life. 
About Steven Weiss MS, DC, RYT, C-IAYT, is a holistic chiropractor and nutritionist, yoga therapist and yoga teacer with over 35 years of professional and yoga practice experience.  He is a 1979 graduate of New York Chiropractic College .
Dr. Weiss teaches anatoy, alignment principles, yoga therapeutics and nutrition for yoga teacher trainings in the United States and internationally.  He is certified with Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
For Seventeen years, Steven had been the resident chiropractor and nutritionist with the Omega Institute for Hosistic Studies in Rhinebec, NY. He continues to serve as visiting yoga faculty each year.  Steven is also a regular presenter with the Sivananda in various locations and at Integral yoga's Yogaville.
Dr. Weiss is a post-graduate instrucor with New York Chiropractic College, offering continuing education through his program. 
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