Toning and Mindfulness w/ Carlos : Saturday February 24th: 3:00- 4:30pm

Toning and Mindfulness
Do you want to learn how to retune your vital body and awaken your psychic abilities with the power of your voice?
Join us for this transcendental session with experienced sound healer and board certified Music Therapist: Carlos Cuellar Brown MT-BC
Across many ancient cultures, Toning, Mantras and Open Vowel Sounds have been used for emotional release and healing. The Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed with special acoustics in mind, designed to enhance regular singing ceremonies which used vowel sounds and chants to reverberate the harmonics of the space. These sacred harmonics produced the excitation of certain nervous centers and had other physiological effects. It was said that these rituals allowed communication with the spirit world.
In this workshop you will learn how to use your natural voice along with sacred frequencies and re-calibrate your chakras while you bathe in healing sound and light.
In this workshop you will have an augmented experience with Seed Syllables and Bija Mantras, Crystal Sound Bowls, Drone Boxes and an Interactive Mandala Projection that will take you on an extraordinary journey to a higher plane.
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Carlos Cuellar Brown is a Board Certified Music Therapist and Sound Healer. His credentials and experience bring him into the deeper understanding of sound and how it affects the body, mind and spirit. He has been teaching Vipassana Meditation and Toning for over 13 years. His Relaxation groups, Sound Bath’s, Guided Imagery and Music, and Mindful Meditation sessions offer a unique experiential approach that integrates powerful concepts, breath, imagery and ancient solfeggio frequencies. These methods will affect your human physiology and endocrine systems, they can create a powerful agent in the healing process.

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