Sunday August Sadhana; Sunday August 6th at 5:00am

Our Sadhana’ on the first of the month Sundays is for our individual meditation practice in group practice to build like minded consciousness. We know the power of group. How it is practiced in many forms to gain strength. How can we develop that with our spiritual practice. The beautiful hours before the dawn know as the Amrit Vela is the luscious time of spiritual energy before the dawn and the world awakens. Activity get busy with the “to do’s”. Dawn near to your meditation practice with group energy. This practice is of Kundalini Yoga tradition with Japji, Yoga kriya and meditative chants.
Everyone is welcome . No experience to this style is needed.
Sadhana is for individual alignment, developing a powerful group consciousness for our future together, and a declaration of the personal responsibility we have for our happiness.

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