Sound Journey with Settle into Stillness ;Sunday February 4th at 6:00pm

Sound Journey :

Come celebrate 12 years of leading Sound Journeys worldwide with us!
Nurture yourself and experience deep relaxation as Jeremy and Nancy create a unique and immersive soundscape. The soothing resonance of the hand pan, didgeridoo, multiple gongs, crystal singing bowls and more will induce complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation; cultivating a deep sense of calm and inner peace. Your physical body will rest in a comfortable and supported savasana as you are bathed by a sea of sound. Each experience is created and offered with love and intention for healing and relaxation.
All are welcome, no prior experience with yoga or meditation necessary.





Short Bio:

Settle into Stillness unites the healing power of conscious relaxation with sacred sound. Settle Into Stillness was founded by Jeremy Arndt and Nancy Grzeszak, whose paths converged in 2011, igniting a shared passion for yoga and music that would ultimately blossom into a transformative journey around the globe. Their mutual desire to spread peace, serenity, and self-discovery led them to create the Sound Journey, a magical fusion of music and mindfulness.

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