Sadhana Sunday November 5th begins at 5:00am

Sadhana is that special time in the morning to absorb the nectar of the universe and the gods. Breath it in. Let it fill the body and calm the mind. We do it with Japji, a poem of love. Yoga kriya and chanting. It’s a personal experiential time.
The other morning I was out walking the dogs early. The ground was still moist from the dew and the dogs were going crazy with noses to the ground sniffing it all in. I thought to myself they are breathing in this early morning prana. Then it reminded me of the book CHARLOTTES WEB. Do you remember that book about the pig that couldn’t get up with the rest of the animals and wanted to sleep in. By the time she got out to the fields the good eats would be gone.
Finally she get up early and is able to eat and get all the good nectar and got up everyday afterwards.
This is Sadhana… getting up, get out there and feed, smell and breath the blessings that is in the morning.
See you there!

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