Palm Sunday Sadhana Sunday April 2 at 5 :00am

Sadhana is getting up before the sun, sitting in the quiet. Noticing the stillness. Maybe you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. You may listen to the surrounding sounds. This is a special time with your soul and the universe/ Source. When we come to a group the energy of our presence and prayers are amplified. You may feel and the universe knows whats going on.
Sadhanas as Prana Yoga are of the Kundalini tradition. We begin with reciting or listening to a short poem and prayer. Deep listening. We do a yoga set known as a kriya, movement to awaken the body so then we can sit in meditation. We listen or chant the 7 aquarian chants. These chants were chosen a long time ago to build our connection to soul for these aquarian times. These may be some challenging times. To build and have a deeper core strength with source will get us through.
Join us for you to have an experience.
There is no fee for this. The cost is your presence and giving this 2 1/2 hr to the practice is this way of tithing 10% of the day

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