New Year’s Day Sunday Sadhana January 1st,2023 @5:00am

I know, I know, it will be a late night celebrating New Year’s Eve. It is challenging and we will be hosting Sadhana. An early morning spiritual practice. Set your energy in the new year to a renewed spirit. It has been known as a sleepy sadhana as you may come and fall back asleep. What’s the benefit of that you may ask…You are in the vibration and it is happening wether you are completely aware or not. That is how and why the practice is of benefit. It helps us to develope awareness, awareness of our spiritual beingness.
Start the year out in this gathering of creating awareness thru the yoga practice of prayer, kriya, yoga set, and meditation on 7 sacred chants that are specific to cleanse our energy bodies. The beginning of building a strong spiritual body, thereby strengthening our physical form. As within …So without.

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