Healing Harps and Crystal Bowls Sound Bath ; Sunday February 12th at 5:30- 6:30pm

Healing Harps and Crystal Bowls Sound Bath-
A beautiful sound bath to help reduce stress and uplift spirits. Join Certified Therapeutic Musician, Margaret Germain, and Sound Healer, Jamie Besterfield in this beautiful healing sound bath of ethereal music.
The session starts with a musical meditation for peace and healing, then gently flows into the healing sounds of harps combined with the penetrating vibrations of crystal bowls and many other healing instruments. Be enfolded in the sounds of the angels.
$20 at the door
Margaret Germain is a harpist, pianist, and singer with a long history of composing and performing gentle spiritual music to open, inspire, and heal. She has used the energy of the healing harp to heal her own broken heart, to reach and connect with disabled children, to comfort hospice patients, and to bring large congregations into a prayerful presence. She now uses her skills to create a healing and uplifting atmosphere for those attending her sound baths. Margaret started playing harp 28 years ago to recover from grief after a series of a dozen miscarriages, and then joyfully continued playing after her son was born. She is the mother of 26 year old Ben.
Margaret has a Bachelor of Music degree from Northwestern University, is a Certified Therapeutic Musician, Sound Healer, and Reiki practitioner.

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