Gong Vibrational Meditation: Friday June 28th at 5:30pm

A collection of resources about Gong, a musical instrument of healing that holds a sacred space in Kundalini Yoga practice. With spiritual texts documenting its use since before the second millennium B.C. That is the history of the sound of Gong.
I recall hearing it the first time during savasana in kundalini yoga classes. Yogi Bhajan knew of the vibrational sound to bring about healing of the nervous system, which is our internet of the body.
What I want is to invite you to an hour of deep listening in the vibrational healing sound that your body knows. Not on a mental level. That is what we want to relax. Is the mental thought.
Sound that brings neutrality to the body and senses.
It’s your individual experience. Join us.
$15 at the door.

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