Gong Vibration Meditation Friday June 14th at 5:30pm

Sound is everywhere and can not be contained. It penetrates. I was driving the other day and a car way behind me had their music on and the sound was loud enough that my car was vibrating. It can annoy us or soothe us. What may have been soothing to the person in the car was amazing to me to imagine what it must have felt like in their car.
I have been told that the sound of the gongs has irritated them. I would say ” that’s good” it’s altering the nervous system. Keep coming it will soothe you. Then we know it’s working. You are changing. While we may paint a picture of soothing sound and meditative this is the other side. The journey through which we travel.
Come and experience Sound Journey of Gong Vibration. All sounds in the stroke of the mallet. Have an experience. Relax….
$15 At the door

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