Full Moon Yoga Nidra & Sound Activation: Saturday October 28th 7:00pm – 8:30pm

We all have stories to tell about the energy of the full moon. Anyone in health care can tell you the emergency rooms are busier and so are the psych wards. It’s all because of the wolf energy within us that gets magnified. On this special evening lets come together and shift our energy. Soften it. Become more mellow.
How can we do that?…
By experiencing a transformative journey where your physical and energetic body reconnects with the higher source. You will be gently guided to a state of deep relaxation and treated to a healing sound experience with crystal bowls, healing tones, shamanic rods and empowering imagery which will stimulate and bathe your body, cleansing blocked energy and reinvigorating your soul purpose. The power of sacred sound frequencies will massage and resonate your entire self back to harmony and wholeness.
Carlos has spoken to me about having a full moon and planet imagery to project onto the walls. It reminded me of the Bishop Planetarium in Bradenton.
Come and enjoy the energy of the full moon filled with positive vibes.
Carlos Cuellar Brown is a Board Certified Music Therapist and Sound Healer. His credentials and experience bring him into the deeper understanding of sound and how it affects the body, mind and spirit. He has been teaching Vipassana Meditation and Toning for over 13 years. His Relaxation groups, Sound Bath’s, Guided Imagery and Music, and Mindful Meditation sessions offer a unique experiential approach that integrates powerful concepts, breath, imagery and ancient solfeggio frequencies. These methods will affect your human physiology and endocrine systems, they can create a powerful agent in the healing process.

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