Double Gong Meditation

Summer is upon us and the heat is on. Do you remember looking across the asphalt roads and seeing the heat rise? The waves rising creating a mirage to the eyes. The gong when played sends out that wave of energy. We too can lay on the ground and experience this flow of vibration. Allow the mind to see things differently.
Come into a Gong Meditation and soothe yourself in the bath of vibration…The gong can swiftly and powerfully transports one to a place of peaceful, calming bliss.
On this 4th Friday of the Month, Hukam and Dev Atma will set the tone of this healing sound current.
Once that vibration starts, there is just no getting around it! The best way to really embrace what the gong has to offer is through surrender. Relax, let go, and let the gong work its incredible magic.

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