Deep Dive Sound Meditation with Billy Zanski from Asheville, NC : Friday February 10th. 5:30pm – 6:30pm

In this one hour session, Billy will use a wide array of special instruments to create a grounding and moving experience.  The intentions for the night are compassion, liberation, and acceptance.  Billy is renowned in the Asheville area for his 15 years of hosting sound events and bringing a strong energy and direction to his offerings.  Instruments will be available for purchase after the sesion. 


Brief bio:

Billy Zanski has been immersed in music and expression since 1995.  In 2001 he traveled to Guinea, West Africa, to study percussion in depth.  In 2004, Billy opened Skinny Beats Sound Shop in downtown Asheville, NC. Since then he has been hosting sound experiences, teaching, and selling instruments. His focus is on the healing qualities in music and community.


IG: @skinnybeatssoundshop

FB: Billy Zanski

YouTube demo video of my Sound Meditation:

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