Auspicious 108 Early Morning Yoga Practices with Jaye Martin July 3rd thru July 8th; 5:30am – 7:30am

Yoga Practices led by Jaye Martin E-RYT 500, ECAT
Monday, July3 through Saturday, July 8th
Register at
No, this won’t necessarily be the repetition of any one thing 108 times!
It will, however, be an opportunity to deepen your practice and commitment to yoga.
The practice meets for two hours every morning from 5:30am to 7:30am for six days in a row thus adding up to a total of twelve hours!
The number 12 represents the power of the individual. The number nine represents The Universal. If one were to repeat this practice 9 times one would accrue 108 hours of practice!
The number 108 is considered to be particularly auspicious and sacred in yoga.
For example, it is the number of beads on a mala or rosary! Therefore, many people place great meaning and value on this number. Because money represents value, the cost of this experience is $108! However, one may drop in for $25 for a single two hour practice!
The practices will have a different focus each day to include all categories of asana (yoga poses) including, but not limited to, standing poses, seated poses, twists, hip openers, backbends, inversions, long holds, flows, and restorative poses.
Pranayama, meditation, mudra, and philosophy may also be included.
Remember there is nothing you have to do and nowhere you have to go!
Simply showing up with an open mind and heart is the BIGGEST part of the practice!
Jaye Martin, E-RYT 500 and ECAT (Experienced Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher) is an exuberant yoga teacher who is highly acclaimed and widely sought after for his expertise, enthusiasm, and spirituality. Loved for his heart and intelligence alike, Jaye gifts students of all levels with his bright spirit and his skill in communicating both the subtle and technical aspects of the practice.

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