An Introduction to Creativity with Frame Drum: Saturday February 24th at 12:00pm- 1:30pm, with Julian Douglas

The frame drum is one of the most ancient percussion instruments in the world. Played in nearly every ancient culture and still popular today the frame drum is a powerful instrument. Whether it’s for a personal rhythm practice, drum and dance circles, accompanying songs and chants, or an outlet for creativity and self expression, the frame drum is a powerful instrument full of potential and possibility. Join Julian Douglas for a workshop on how to play the frame drum. We will focus on instrumental technique, connecting with the voices of the drum, exercises to improve your flexibility with the instrument, and how to apply all of this to speaking the language of rhythm. Some instruments are provided. Contact for rental information.
– Learn the basics
– Learn technique for optimal articulation and projection
– Rhythm and Groove
– Exercises for developing stamina, accuracy and rhythmic flexibility
Limited instrument Drum rental available for $5. (Message to ensure availability)
Julian Douglas is a performing percussionist, Remo Health Rhythms trained facilitator and a recipient of the Indiana Arts Commission On-Ramp Fellowship with 25 years of experience facilitating drum and dance circles, and teaching world percussion. Raised by a jazz pianist Julian’s childhood was an immersive education in music with a strong emphasis on rhythm. His studies have included elements of the music and traditions of various cultures including those in the African diaspora, the Middle-East, Eastern Europe, and India.
Julian has performed and taught lessons and workshops throughout the Eastern United States.

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