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What is yoga and how would you like to age?

Earlier this month we celebrated Hukam's (Mark) 60th birthday.  Later on this year in November I will also celebrate this landmark. Hard to believe, I know.  When I began yoga in 1995  I was still in my prime working as a scrub nurse in Open Heart surgery.  Who knew yoga would take me this far.  As my interest in yoga grew our western health care began to wane.  Discovering for myself what health care is and how I want to age became a quest.  Combining my experience of knowing the body from the inside through surgery and the outside with yoga is what led me to opening a yoga studio.  Sharing the education that "yoga is not about the stretch" and so much more.  All the aspects that main stream health news would tell us i.e., get you heart rate up, weight baring exercise, core strength, relax, meditate and diet just to name a few..these all come together in one yoga class! When we age some of our activities become a little harder.  So my question is ...How do you choose to age?  The longer we sustain a yoga practice that is based on curiosity about the body the mind will take on an inner journey that leads us to a quieter place within. The breath (prana) has a place to dwell.  The combination is health and vitality.  The following is a quote I picked up along the way...

"I first began yoga for flexibility in my body and toning my muscles, I got hooked on yoga because something else was happening inside and I felt incredible.  I quickly learned the physical aspect of yoga is merely a fraction of this vast practice.  Yoga is a verb, an action word, about stilling the fluctuations of the mind.  From the inner stillness I uncover mental clarity and peace of mind, how to be compassionate with myself, how to be authentically compassionate with others. 

This practice on the mat mirrors living life with a powerful inward focus and a graceful outward expression"
What is your yoga? and How would you like to age?

Prana's faculty of yoga instructors have years of wisdom and experience in caring for the body through yoga.  I am grateful for Gilian, Mary, Julie, Tamara, Susan, Dev Atma, Randall, Hukam, Dixie (assistant) and all of you who sustain the life and growing older of Prana Yoga and Healing Center.
See you on the Mat!
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