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Prana studio focuses on alignment based classes in Iyengar and Anusara styles of Yoga. Various levels are offered to appeal to the raw beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner. 

It has been my goal to create a studio that reflects traditional teachings of yogic philosophy and Asanas. I see everyday how this dream is formulating into reality. I witness students bring awareness to their health needs by allowing the benefits of their practice to be a personal healing experience on the mat. I have been blessed with wonderful teachers that help facilitate classes and our teacher training's that support learning yoga in depth.  

I especially want to thank and acknowledge those who attend class knowing they have not allowed their ailments, age and fears to discourage their experience. In fact it is that "courage" that keeps me focused on bringing our Prana Yoga style to the community and expanding our services to include concepts that support our mission and create alternative paths to healing ourselves such as the urban zen program and the new "sound as therapy" approach using sound vibration.  

Check Out Our Upcoming Events

  • Double Gong Ongoing Event Every 4th Friday of the Month
    5:30- 6:30 pm 

    With Dev Atma and Hukam.

    The Gong Meditation is a unique experience: “Your mind, your thoughts, your molecules, your existence psyche, electromagnetic psyche, has no power over this sound.” The vibration of the Gong creates deep relaxation, releasing us from the torrent of thoughts our mind releases, and it stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.

    The gong has been used for thousands of years as an important tool for healing and meditation. As you begin to focus on your breath and open the body's chakras (energy centers), the waves of sound carry your body and mind to a place of inner peace and connection. 
    $10 Donations Accepted
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  • Sound at Therapy Immersion Class;

    Sound as Therapy Immersion
    Weekly Class 
    Every Monday 
    from 7:00PM to 8:30PM

    Sound as Therapy Immersion will serve as a gateway to create your own inner healing experience.

    The Gong Meditation is a unique experience: “Your mind, your thoughts, your molecules, your existence psyche, electromagnetic psyche, has no power over this sound.” The vibration of the Gong creates deep relaxation, releasing us from the torrent of thoughts our mind releases, and it stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.

    The Gong impacts the body and its meridians. It releases blocks, reduces tension, stimulates circulation, balance the chakras and strengthens the Aura. The Gong changes the feelings that are blocked by cutting the thoughts that sustain and recreate the feelings. It is the only instrument the mind has no defense against. The sound waves bring the subconscious mind into a balance and meditative state, an effortless meditation and relaxation facilitating the movement of prana throughout the body and psyche

    Let go and let the Gong do the work while you relax and receive the benefits. Experience the Infinite within the finite.  Join Hukam for a transformative healing journey into self-discovery, go beyond the frequency of your mental imprints and limitations, and enjoy the deep meditative experience of the Gong.

    Some of  the benefits include:
    • creates deep relaxation 
    • induces meditative state;
    • clears the mind
    • reduces stress
    Sound Healing, through various techniques and technologies, is the educated and conscious use of the energy of sound to reach identified goals and promote wellness in the human system – including the expansion of consciousness. Sound Healing is founded on the premise that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance. For example, the study of Cymatics has shown how sound creates geometric patterns in matter. Dr. Emoto has proven that sound changes the molecular structure of water. However, more importantly, sound changes consciousness. Many ancient civilizations and modern indigenous cultures have used sound to heal and access higher levels of consciousness for thousands of years. 

    There are a wide range of techniques that utilize sound as a tool for change. The most common and basic use of sound is for meditation and relaxation. Chanting, toning and overtone singing are some of the most powerful methods for resonating sound throughout the body. The use of nature sounds and natural instruments, such as crystal bowls and tuning forks, have specific healing frequencies and harmonics. Drumming and rhythm are now used by corporations to release stress and build team consciousness. Shamanic drumming takes people into altered states of consciousness. Sound is now being using by clinical psychologists to help children with certain learning disabilities. 

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  • Yoga class taught in the Kundalini tradition. Designed to learn the science of yoga to nurture your body and heart, calm your mind, and balance the main chakras of the body.

    Kundalini Yoga Honoring the Divine Feminine class will explore everything from movement, postures, chanting and breathing, to stress reduction in a friendly, safe non-competitive enviroment.

    We invite pre - natal women and women of all ages and abilities to connect with the divine feminine in this Kundalini practice.

    Tuesday Afternoon 12 noon - 1:15pm.

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  • Sunday April 13th, 2014

    Second Sunday of Every Month

    5:30 pm potluck

    6:30 pm Kirtan

    $10 donation

    Bring a dish to share

    5:30pm Eat and share in community. Bring your friends. All are invited to celebrate!

    6:30pm Kirtan : Join TeJ and Hukam as they lead the sound current that opens our hearts and a guaranteed smile!

    Kirtan is an easy way for people to experience some freedom from the daily chatter of the mind. While it is true that we can sing these chants in the solitude of our own home, there is nothing like the magic of chanting live with our local musicians and community friends-from kids to seniors-all adding their energy to the chant.

    Although the kirtan involves music, the underlying art of kirtan chanting is not actually about musical ability or training-It is about the heart. Everyone can participate!

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  • Sadhana First Sunday of the Month

    First Sunday of the month

    Sunday May 4,2014

      5:00 am - 7:30am  (no fees or cost)

    In Group Sadhana, "the individual auras merge to form a group aura." "One hour of sharing this type of energy can erase the effects of a week of arguments and discord."... (Gurucharan Singh Khalsa PH.D)

    Please join us in the ambrosial hours just before dawn as we awaken to a new and glorious day.

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Class Calendar

Prana offers Young Living Essential Oils.

Essential oils naturally complement yoga by supporting physical and mental strength and focus through the science of aromatherapy. Essential oils are extremely versatile and have many practical applications in yoga, including techniques for complementing pranayama, meditation, relaxation, post-practice, and for cleansing and purifying. Essential oils are also used to activate and balance the energy centers—or Chakra System—of the body.

Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils can create an environment that supports deeper yoga practice.

Sweet Gift

"I've had the great pleasure of using essential oils in yoga classes, both as teacher and student. They make me feel like I'm receiving a sweet, intriguing gift. The aroma helps to center my mind and transports me into a sacred space, while the specific properties of the oils help to relax, inspire or energize me. I notice how the room becomes more unified, more uplifted, more present, after I share the oils.��?

—Ingrid A. Marcroft

Life Force

"Using Young Living essential oils in class is almost always a transformative experience in that they have a fantastic capacity to shift the space. There is a palpable change in the energy of the room, a softening or sometimes an expansion of everyone's life force—depending on the oil used. I'm partial to Valor® or Peace & Calming® at the end of the class or Valor, peppermint or frankincense at the beginning. The Thieves® spray is perfect for sanitizing and cleaning the air between classes."

—Stephan W. Kolbert


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Class Costs
$ 15 Drop in Yoga
$ 52 Series of 4 Classes
$ 80 Private Lesson
$ 88 Series of 8 Classes
$ 100 Series of 10 Classes
$ 146 Monthly Unlimited
$ 695 Semi-Annual Unlimited Yoga Pass
$ 1300 Annual Unlimited Yoga Pass

If purchased online, please bring your receipt to class.