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Regina and the wall

I feel very fortunate to have found Prana Yoga and the remarkable experience of Sunday a.m. class with Regina using the yoga wall. I heard about her teaching from a yoga teacher visiting Anna Maria from the Midwest who stopped in to our rock shop on Anna Maria. She told me Regina's class was the high point of her vacation in Florida. (How serendipidous is that?) I have a long history of back troubles and have lost much of the muscle in my lower back due to atrophy. Recently, when I asked a sports medicine MD what I could do to improve my condition, he said, "Don't do anything"! I am 63 and in great health, so the prospect of not doing anything for the remainder of my life is not appealing, or realistic. I feel a total physical and mental challenge in Regina's class! The support of the wall has helped me to benefit from poses that feel SO GOOD to my body. It is really exhilarating. Each of us who practice here find exactly what we need. Thank you so much, Regina, for this great experience.

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I have had the wonderful experience of attending some private sessions with Regina. Working on opening the hips to relieve stress on my knees. At the first session I learned that the different lengths of my legs can be overcome by yoga asana's and result in continued growth and strengthening of my bones. What a treat!! Thank  you so very much Regina for your guidance and support in my journey!  What a "wonder"ful yoga healing center!!! I look forward to many more!

Laura Rivers

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A Wonderful Discovery: KUNDALINI!

I've been doing yoga for over 30 years and never once tried or was offered Kundalini. I tried it with Julie for the very first time here at Prana and it was as if I had discovered a natural cure for back pain! I have since read and practiced more Kundalini, and my back is aligned, my entire body has been used, the flow is wonderful, and best of all, Julie is a terrific teacher who takes the class (Tues at 12N) right into Kundalini, the chakras, dance, and more. I was afraid at first to try it, because I was afraid it is too difficult at my age (67). But it's not difficult at all plus Julie remind us continually not to overdue.

I'm so happy I found Prana! It is helping me so much. I stretch, pose, move, strengthen muscles, use my back a lot.

Barbara Linick

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The Pre and Post opinions

I have been practicing yoga for 40 years and have several teacher certifications including one in Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors from Duke Integrative Med. So, I "have opinions" about yoga studios.

Mine are split between the "pre" (coming to Prana nine months ago, after one cancer and an extra 25 pounds) and "post" (the most recent bout of three surgeries and, slap on another five pounds.) 

The PRE: I came to Prana through curiosity about the Kundalini classes. They were a new adventure for me, and of course, I tried out other teachers and came upon GILLIAN W. who was/is a perfect fit for me. GILLIAN is an alignment based teacher, she is watchful, she challenges, she is very aware of body kinetics. But, now during the post-op time, her classes are beyond me. 

The POST: Now, I need the healing of Prana Yoga and Healing Center. So, there has been a return to Urban Zen, REGINA's class, which is a mix of restorative, sound healing, guided meditation and aromatherapy. I am at peace in that class and submit to her as a Western medical professional and as a yoga teacher. It's the healing I need now.  I am on the receiving end these days, with little effort. And a gong meditation classes does the trick!

Like all of us, it is the teacher that draws me, more than the style of yoga. MARY, (a retired fire figher!) wirth an Anahata soul makes me mindful during practice. I so miss TEJ, who has the soul of a wise old man. 

But, PRANA offers clients a full-range of different styles of teachers, and offers exceptional workshops. I recently attended a Restorative Workshop (and I am a Satchidananda Ashram certified Restorative teacher). It was excellent, again taught by a Western medical professional who had an immense command of yoga/physiology/mind-body connection/alignment and common sense. Of course, I went home that night and immediately tried out new postures on my husband.

PRANA  offers the depth of being with teachers who are training teachers, who live the life and offer gatherings, teachings, meditations, volunteer opportunities and classes that can answer different needs at different times of life. 

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Prana yoga

Recently, I have been trying to get back into yoga. After much research on kundalini yoga in the Sarasota area, my daughter, Kelsey suggested that we take the kundalini yoga class together. She has done kundalini before and thought it would benefit me greatly. We have come before and liked it so much that we bought a three month package. Unfortunately we were not able to attend due to busy schedules for most of the time, but when we could attend it was such a peaceful and personalized experience with Regina and other instructors alike. We have learned some awesome yoga techniques from our time here. I am looking forward to the kundalini experience at Prana yoga.
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The Prana yoga experience

A couple years back, my mother, sister, and I attended a class at Prana yoga studio, at the end of the class we had liked it so much that we signed up for a (3?) month pass. Due to busy schedules we did not get to go back as much as we wanted, but now, here I am years later, still trying to come back every chance I can get! Regina is one of the most genuine teachers I have had the pleasure to enjoy. My shoulders pop out of place when I raise them above my head and normally I cannot get in many positions for this reason; Regina was able to help me get into positions I never thought possible due to her knowledge of the human body. I have only ever done the gentler yoga classes, but am looking forward to the Friday 8:45 AM class, as well as trying to attend a kundalini yoga class while back in town, once again. Thanks for all of your love!!
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Testimonial from Rick Gage

I'm back here in Niagara Falls Canada. I sure miss my times at Prana Yoga. There's nothing here that compares. I still try to do the stretching and breathing exercises each morning. Thanks to all the wonderful instructors for all your help in getting me into the best health I have been in many years. - Rick Gage

Thank you, Rick! We miss you too! -Prana Yoga

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Yoga is not about the stretch.

You have pushed me beyond my comfort zone and fears. You have helped me to change myself - become braver, and stronger. I have taken what you have given me on the mat into my life, and for this I will always be grateful.

Thank you for the quote. I have already passed it on to one of my sons. I will miss you, but will keep you close to my heart.
Sherry Warshauer

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Health and Longevity With Essential Oils: Memory, Sleep, and Lymphatic Function
November 30, 2018 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm and December 1-2, 2018 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
*FREE Experiential Class Thursday, November 29, 2018 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Thursday November 15th, 1:30-2pm
 Looking for healthy and uplifting gift giving ideas? Would you like natural solution for YOU through the holiday season? Enjoy a fun filled class with tips and recipes with doTERRA essential oils for you, family a…
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Note: Early purchase price of $25 is available through November!

For More Information Click on This Event or Go to Wah! Workshop Get ready to move, breathe, and deeply relax! Wah! teaches yoga and plays live music at the end of class. Wah! has taug…
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- Saturday, November 3 from 12pm-1 pm
- Sunday, November 4 from 1pm-2 pm
- Saturday, November 10 from 12pm-1pm
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Many of the benefits of meditation have been proven by science. Meditation can mak…
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Develop a regular sadhana and you take control of your life. Develop a deep sadhana and you open the doors of experience. Commit to meet your higher Self each morning and your decisions and your life become original; your life will bear the signatur…
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Connie Hammer is going to Double Gong Meditation
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The first time you hear the gong, however, It can be rather alarming. The sound is huge, and everywhere all at once. Once that vibration starts, there is just no getting around it! The best way to really embrace what the gong has to offer is through…
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Note: Early purchase price of $25 is available through November!

Get ready to move, breathe, and deeply relax! Wah! teaches yoga and plays live music at the end of class. Wah! has taught to athletic, handicapped, the young and the old, the well and…
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Get ready to move, breathe, and deeply relax! Wah! teaches yoga and plays live music at the end of class. All levels welcome.
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