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The Prana yoga experience

A couple years back, my mother, sister, and I attended a class at Prana yoga studio, at the end of the class we had liked it so much that we signed up for a (3?) month pass. Due to busy schedules we did not get to go back as much as we wanted, but now, here I am years later, still trying to come back every chance I can get! Regina is one of the most genuine teachers I have had the pleasure to enjoy. My shoulders pop out of place when I raise them above my head and normally I cannot get in many positions for this reason; Regina was able to help me get into positions I never thought possible due to her knowledge of the human body. I have only ever done the gentler yoga classes, but am looking forward to the Friday 8:45 AM class, as well as trying to attend a kundalini yoga class while back in town, once again. Thanks for all of your love!!
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  • Thank you, Kelsey for your kind words!
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Dharma is now a member of Prana Yoga and Healing Center
Regina DeWitt posted an event
Would you like to transform into a more balanced and uplifted you?  Looking for a healthier life style? What are your Wellness goals for 2019? Come join us for less then an hour presentation on how doTERRA essential oils can support you and your fam…
Regina DeWitt published events
Jan 9
Regina DeWitt posted an event
Dev Atma, Hukam and I will be there. Won't you join us. First Sunday of the month. First Sunday of 2019!

"The whole world may give you support...but if your own mind does not support you, you will not be in a position to do anything in life. Your o…
Jan 2
Jessica Klasnick is now a member of Prana Yoga and Healing Center
Jan 1
Laurel James is going to Relax into Consciousness: Yoga Class with Gurunam Singh
Dec 30, 2018
Regina DeWitt posted an event
In this workshop, we will be using basic pranayama and meditation to bring the mind to a place of relaxation and explore consciousness. We will practice basic and simple effective techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the chakras when they ar…
Dec 29, 2018
Regina DeWitt posted an event
On this 4th Friday of the Month, Hukam and myself will vibrate the Gongs into the coming New Year. Continuing to let go of the past and vibrate a new you into the coming year. 
Come into a Gong Meditation and and soothe yourself in the bath of vibra…
Dec 27, 2018
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Dec 24, 2018
Ro Pannesi is now a member of Prana Yoga and Healing Center
Dec 24, 2018
Regina DeWitt published events
Dec 15, 2018
Regina DeWitt posted an event
Do you want a place to drop into to find peace and calm? As the holiday season picks up the pace, Come into a Gong Meditation and and soothe yourself in the bath of vibration...The gong can swiftly and powerfully transports one to a place of peacefu…
Dec 13, 2018
Regina DeWitt posted an event
"Be the Light House, Shine your Light" Mantra ignites the light within the hearts of us all. The "Rocking Kirtan band" is ready for another monthly kirtan shining their light through mantra. The gathering of the 'band', the community and support eve…
Dec 3, 2018
Regina DeWitt posted an event
Because of the PLANT PRANA OIL WORKSHOP Saturday and Sunday.  I'm changing the start time of class Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you for understanding.
Saturday Gentle Yoga will begin at 8:30 am - 9:45am
Sunday Wall Yoga will begina at 8:30 am - 9:30…
Nov 28, 2018
Regina DeWitt posted an event
Our monthly first Sunday of the Month Sadhana is this coming Sunday. The world needs the power of our group prayers that helps with our personal peace and peace with all..
A morning practice of kriya yoga, chant and meditation in the kundalini yoga…
Nov 27, 2018
Regina DeWitt posted an event
Blissful and Blessed-full way to CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR!
It is with utmost pleasure that we announce a night of Kirtan to bring in the New Year. Doors open at 8:00pm. We begin our evening of chant at 8:15pm with Cheryl Chaffee's Kirtan Band followed…
Nov 27, 2018