Yoga and Self-Healing with Wah!

* Space is limited. Wah! yoga sold out each of the last two years. *

* Wah will also offer these yoga workshops in Bradenton and in St. Pete and a Healing Concert at the Bishop Planetarium. See for more info on all these events. *

A Special Yoga and Self-Healing 2-hour workshop with Wah!, including Live Music during savasana (a deep relaxation period). * Early purchase discount tickets available through November 1st *
Get ready to move, breathe, and deeply relax! Wah! teaches yoga and plays live music at the end of class. Wah! has taught to athletic, handicapped, the young and the old, the well and the ill, offering tools for wellness and self-healing. Her teachings come from Anusara, Bihar, Kundalini Yoga and various healing traditions. Breathwork, moving postures, self-healing practices, deep relaxation. All levels welcome.

You can expect:

– different kinds of breathing and breathwork
– clearing through tapping, cupping, and meridian stimulation
– moving yoga postures
– deep relaxation with guided imagery and LIVE MUSIC by Wah!
– a short meditation

Wah! is an author and musician making music and teaching for over 25 years. She brings both intellectual concepts and an experience of healing and receptivity to yoga centers, churches, cancer clinics and communities. She is an innovator in her field, using a deep understanding of music and healing to create profound transformative events.

Sponsored by Elysian Fields and The Om Shoppe in Sarasota and The Village Mystic in Bradenton.

More information about all Wah! events is at You can also contact us at or call us at (941) 356-1989.

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