Sunday Sadhana on the Beach

Yes! Sadhana on Siesta Beach. Is there any better way to enjoy the amrit vela, early morning nectar. Connect to one another and the universe. Japji, yoga and meditation chants.
We will start at 5:00 am – 7:30 am A 2 1/2 hr practice to tithe 10% of our day . Give back to source.
we will meet at access 5. In Siesta village. Parking available at that hour. A beach towel I have found works well if not best.
If it is actually pouring down rain at that hour we will hold it at the studio.
The last time we did Sadhana on the beach involved people gathering for a triathlon. They moved around us. lol. If they can get up at that hour to exercise, we can rise at that hour to exercise and strengthen our spirit.

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