Sunday Sadhana March 6th @ 5:00am

Spring is on its way. What a great time to renew your practice. The practice of self study. One of the 8 limbs of yoga. At some point we move from the reading of books about the practice into the study of our Self. Our higher Self. Taking the time to sit and observe our true essense within which is know at Sat Nam, True identity. Namaste, the light within. Fuel that light, fire within with breath, awareness and mantra. Encourage it to rise like watching a campfire grow and rise in all directions. The early morning mana is the essense of fuel to help us watch immerge and grow once again as Spring does every season.
Sadhana means daily spiritual practice. It is the foundation of all spiritual endeavor. Sadhana is your personal, individual spiritual effort.
Come together in this practice to strengthen your personal practice. Let us build strength in number from each other. This is a 2 1/12 hr practice of japji, yoga and meditation, chants. a practice of 10% tithing for our day back to source

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