Sunday Sadhana June 5th 500 am.

Those early morning hours before the dawn are lovely. I know you have awaken before the sunrise and relished the quietness. How do you connect, pray, meditate, communicate with your source?
Once a month we have a community gathering during these early amrit hours. Which means golden nectar. Like the dew that falls to the ground. If we are up and out of bed we can catch some of that.
We do a short poetic prayer called Japji. An hour of yoga followed by chanting. All to bring us to a more meditative mind. A calming place to be and to develop a strong place to feel inside. When the outer world and daily activities pull us into what feels like chaos, we can draw inward and remember this place that we practice for calm strength.
Come to get to know and experience this practice. The more it is practice the stronger our spiritual muscle

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