Sunday Sadhana/ First Sunday of the Month

Why do We Get Up for Morning Sadhana?

Wisdom, Commitment, Consistency

Why do we get up for morning sadhana? Because we have to face the whole day, and we cannot face the day without a constant level of energy. People love you for three things only: wisdom, commitment, and consistency.

Wisdom is the intuitive nature that allows you to give the right answer by listening within the question that is asked. For every question there is an answer in it.

Commitment is the ability for your whole self to sustain its status in projected reality of action. Then people can trust you. Otherwise, it is like building a cozy
bungalow on the top of a volcano. If you act like an earthquake or volcano, who will build upon you?

Consistency is steadiness through time. Sadhana gives us sensitivity to know, to
feel, and to touch. It gives us intuition to touch reality. The methods are three-fold: jappa, tappa, sanjam. Jappa is repetition. Tappa is the heat of central impulsation. Sanjam is merger through simran—meditation on a very slow, conscious breath.

Community spiritual practice / meditation in the kundalini tradition according to Yogai Bhajan. Regularly on the first of the Month we hold Sadhana. In the early morning hours of amrit vela before dawn and all is quiet on the earth we gather for prayer known as Japji, a yoga practice and chant. We begin at 5:00am for a 2 1/2 hr practice. Everyone is welcome to join us. This meditation practice is more expansive in group. There is no fee as it is our opportunity for tithing 10% of the to the universe. A practice to develop self awareness that benefits not only ourselves and the universe as well.

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