Sadhana Sunday October 3rd

On the first Sunday of each month Prana Yoga host morning Sadhana. A sacred time with soul self and planet energy. We have held this time for about 10 years and the space of the studio has gathered an essense that knows when spirit gathers. You may have your time when you rise before the dawn, sit quietly on your lanai, having your tea or coffee and sit in contemplation.
At the studio we follow a yoga tradition of Japji/ prayer/poem, a little yoga to prepare the body then sit in meditative chants. Our inner energy raises and we come to experience our soul self. Together that experience increase and supports one another. We are on the same path.
This is a no charge practice as the practice itself is a tithing to the universe of giving this 10% of your time of day back to the 24hr day. The tithing will come back to you.

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