Sadhana Sunday May 3rd

Wisdom-keepers teach: before the sunrise of every day, there’s an opportunity to establish your imagination for the day’s reality. This is before anything else comes into your mind; before the time waves of the day begin to stir up the waters of your life . . . a time of true communion with possibilities. Masters and wisdom-keepers through the ages referred to this as the ‘amrit vela’ the ‘ambrosial hours’ — where the sounds of wordlessness comprehend the images in the silence . . . the intersection of reality and destiny — where the prophets, angels, guides, and your own higher-self dwell. This is an arena of magic on the other half of this universe from logic. If we dominate our collective life with only logic, we are not allowing what could possibly be imagined — to be experienced . . . we are only reopening what has already existed to repeat itself endlessly like some groundhog-day möbius strip.

Join us for our monthly first Sunday of the month Sadhana.
We begin at 5:00am for Japji,(poem/song of the soul) 5:25am we begin Yoga 6:25am is Aquarian chants.
Help share and spread the healing vibration. We need voices and group energy.


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