Kirtan for the Community

“Chanting from the heart is like placing a kiss on the face of the Universal Soul”
We need to chant, we need to sing, we need to pray and let our voices be heard to the universe. The vision of the people of Who Ville gathering around the Christmas tree to sing on the morning of Christmas after the grinch stole all the presents is what comes to mind. The Grinch’s heart could only grow bigger and bigger.
Yvette has the voice of an angel. Her music and chanting open the gates within the heart, allowing for the Divine within to shine. She will be leading the kirtan and accompanied by our local musicians.
Celebrated Songwriter, Chant Artist & Vocal/Mantra Coach blending traditional eastern music with western popular melody, this sacred songwriter has reinvented the art of chanting in her unique way. Yvette’s style of kirtan(chant) is harmonic, bringing in all the colors of the chakras to dance with each other and in turn, inspiring those present to join in the dance.
Please join me once again for an evening of Kirtan.
Donations at the door are deeply appreciated.
To learn more about Yvette, please visit her website at

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