Gong Meditation and Sound Journey

Sound and vibration is what the universe is made of.  Our bodies run on our nervous system vibration.  It may be in tune and running calmly or in high vibration from stress, excitement or something else.  The Gong is the oldest instrument that holds all sounds that vibrate at the stroke of the mallet.  In fact depending on the energy of the player the gong can pick up the personal vibe and send it forward with its sound vibration.  The persons’ emotional body that is playing is a important as the one receiving.  It’s sound vibration communicating.  The brilliance is that the Gong vibe can over ride and bring us back to balance. It’s a truth to experience for yourself

Join us every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month for a reset of your nervous system.  Your home sound system.

$15 at the door

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