Every Monday Naad with Hukam

Every Monday Naad with Hukam and Friends begins Monday January 6th, A weekly class from 6:30 – 8:00pm
Naad means “the essence of all sound.” It is a particular vibration, a fundamental frequency that comes from one common source or sound current. It is the universal code behind language and therefore behind human communication. Naad is the glue or medium that connects the little me, the individual, to the Big Me, the Universal Self. It is the vibrational harmony through which the infinite can be experienced. Naad Yoga is based on the experience of how sound vibrations affect the body, mind, and spirit. Together we can alter consciousness by changing the chemical composition of the fluids in the brain. This class will offer different modalities of sound current through sound healing instruments played for the class…gongs, bowls, didgeridoo separately or combined with just voice mantra…experience the bliss of the Naad every Monday evening with Hukam.

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