Double Gong Meditation & Kundalini Yoga

On every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month we will be offering a Kundalini yoga practice prior to Gong at 4:00 – 5:00pm. The class is extra and not required. Come to both or either one. When class is finished you will be ready to lay in the vibration of the Gong $17 for the Class.

Gong meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing. This practice is so referred to as a “gong bath” because participants are “bathed” in meditation gong sound waves. The goal of “gong meditation” is usually therapeutic, whereas mindfulness meditation has many therapeutic benefits, but its deeper goal is awareness and non-judgmental appreciation of the present moment.

Sound therapy has long been used to manage a broad range of health conditions. The treatments are based on the understanding that all forms of matter – including our body’s cells – vibrate at different frequencies. Factors such as stress, depression and disease cause cells and organs within our bodies to vibrate at non-optimal frequencies.

How is gong meditation practiced?
Most people who participate in gong baths are lying down on meditation mats. Add a pillow and a blanket and all you’ll need to do is rest in a comfortable position, relax and close your eyes. Your instructor will guide you through the session. Initially, the gong is played very softly; as the meditation session progresses, the volume is gradually increased. The purpose of the meditation gong sound is healing.

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