Calming Gong Meditation Friday October 22nd

When it comes to self-care routines, baths often top the list. Submerging in a warm, steamy tub is a popular way to unwind after a long day.
Gong baths hold similar potential — no water needed. Using sound, they offer stress-relieving benefits akin to those of a regular bath.
The sound of a gong helps the brain reach deep relaxation – specifically the delta and theta brain wave states, which are the slowest brain waves in humans. We tend to reach these states during daydreaming or deep sleep, and they are known to aid relaxation, creativity and natural healing.
Gong baths, like all types of sound therapy, allow your brain to relax into an alpha-dominant or theta-dominant brainwave state. … A 2017 study found that music therapy may reduce symptoms of depression and promote overall mood. A 2013 study linked music to health benefits, including immune function and stress reduction.
Dev Atma and Hukam have studied the energy, sound, benefits and play of the gong for many of years. They have offered this meditation at the studio for perhaps 10 years.
Join us this Friday no experience required. Come lay comfortably on the floor with cushions and blankets. Relax, and be revived.
$15 at the door

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