Authentic Voicework: Yoga of the Voice 2-day Retreat. May 27th -May 28th 9:00am-4:00pm

This 2-day play-shop intensive guides you into the heart of your voice and authentic self. Themes include the voice as a barometer, your body as an instrument, the Nāda yoga vibrational voice as medicine, connecting you to your unique voice and authentic self. Many vocal activities will help you to regain parts of yourself that may have remained hidden. Stephanie facilitates an open, deep and powerful experience that is sure to shake open and peel away negative feelings you may have about your voice. Renew your commitment to your authentic self, and find your voice!

$199.00 + tax ($212)

About the instructor:

Stephanie Heidemann, LMT is the Founder of Authentic Voicework™ and Starseed Healing Music & Massage. With a background in Expressive Arts Therapy and Massage Therapy, Stephanie has been pioneering Authentic Voicework as an expressive arts modality of healing for more than 20 years. Stephanie is a Ringling Towers Award recipient and Hermitage Artist Retreat Fellow, having lived in Sarasota, FL for 17 years, and currently resides in Bloomington, IN. For more information, visit

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